Earth Data for Development and Impact

Advanced Course in Earth Data for Development and Impact shares tools, techniques and case studies for using Earth Data for sustainable development and for creating a positive social impact.

Ruchi Saxena · September 9, 2020


Our Earth is the most beautiful planet in the Universe! (At least as far as our telescopes can see!)

We live here, we dominate this planet and project our ambitions on our Mother Earth! Human Development is something that we cannot do away with, but the least we can do is, to do it with a bit of care and conscience. Earth Data helps us use the natural resources judiciously in our development plans. It ensures that the impact of our activities is positive – Earth Data keeps us grounded, literally!

In this course, we are going to share stories and case studies of why and how Earth Data is used for sustainable development and for creating a positive social impact. We are expecting a diverse line-up of presenters and students – and we are going to make this a super-learning experience for all of us!

We are hoping, that at the end of this course, we would create a bunch of young thought leaders – who are equipped with the right knowledge, tools and motivation to get out of their chairs and start designing sustainable systems!


If Earth is what matters to you, and you feel responsible to contribute your knowledge, skills and passion to make it better, we invite you to be a part of this course! We hope to create a super-engaging experience from you, where you will hear directly hear from the doers on how they use Earth Data for creating a phenomenal ecosystem! We want you to learn from them and their story about what they do, how they do and most importantly, why they do what they do! We welcome you to be a part of this amazing course and help us create a young workforce of skilled, thoughtful and conscious world leaders!

Course Basics

Duration: 31 Days, Dates: October 1 to October 31 2020

Time: Daily 17.30 IST onwards

Recorded Live Class Sessions and Assignments

Expected Audience: Students and young professionals

Platform: Zoom


(31 Days, 31 Topics)

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Earth Data for Sustainable Agriculture

Week 3: Earth Data for Sustainable Urban Planning

Week 4: Earth Data for Energy and Fuel Management

Week 5: Earth Data for Conservation and Biodiversity

About Instructor

Ruchi Saxena

Dr Ruchi Saxena is the Director of Caerobotics and a global health systems professional.

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